We believe if your garment is damaged in the line of duty we should help you restore your wardrobe by giving you money off replacing it! We know how upsetting it can be to ruin a favourite top, which is why we came up with our regeneration policy.

Not only does this provide some reassurance to you but it also means we can recycle the material when you send the item back to us.

The rules are simple, if your garment is damaged and is beyond washable then you must do the following:

You will then be entitled to a 15% discount off a replacement

However, If we share/retweet/regram it - you have just gone and got yourself some additional money off a replacement. This will increase the discount up to 40% and varies case by case!

We will Direct Message you the details of how to redeem this offer!

The percentage we give you off will be for the damaged garment only and the exclusive code you receive must be used withing 30 days of it being issued.