Is this the clothing company you were looking for?

Innerstand London design and inspire, whilst being ethical and sustainable.

Have you found it hard looking for a clothing company that makes quality designer clothing in an ethical and sustainable manner?

Who are Innerstand London and what are they about?

Innerstand London, a new and exciting sustainable designer clothing brand, here to innovate and design products ethically that inspire people and positive change. They are more than just clothing. They are part of a movement in the clothing industry that stands for something bigger. Committed to sustainability and ethical production

Every choice we make to purchase a product has an effect and impacts the world we shape around us.

Innerstand London aims to inspire people to make a small change to choose a sustainably made product over a less environmentally friendly one, that way they are helping to create the change in the world we wish to see.

What makes Innerstand London different?

They focus on creating designs which have a deeper meaning and stands for something. They are encouraging people to throw away the idea of fast fashion and instead, connect people with their clothing through their style.

This means starting to view your clothing as more than just something you wear on a given day but rather, it shares in the journey you take. So a top can and should be worn more than once, without any stigma of being seen in it out and about last week.

In what way does Innerstand London try to achieve this difference?

The Innerworld regeneration policy! This is our policy that lets our customers get a substantial discount on replacing a damaged item (whatever the reason). They send the garment back, totally free. We recycle the material. They get a discount code to restore their wardrobe.

Who does Innerstand London deal with?

At first, they had to do some digging to find appropriate companies to work with but eventually found the right companies to work with and found it reassuring that these companies too have strong ethical values and a commitment to sustainability.

They ensure the following:

This gives Innerstand London confidence that their supply chain is ethical and sustainable and demonstrates their commitment to producing only the highest quality product. They know where their clothes come from and pay a premium so workers are paid fairly. They don't stop there, they are committed to continually strive to improve what they offer and how they operate.

What else do they do?

Innerstand London don’t just design and produce clothes. They are also committed to giving back, it’s part of their philosophy. They currently support The Children’s Air Ambulance by making donations and raising awareness.

Their aim is to grow the level of support they give to various community projects both locally and globally and also to help give workers in the clothing industry the opportunities to improve their living standards.

At Innerstand London they have an adage - Why understand when you can Innerstand. They are at the beginning and have so much they want to achieve.

Date Posted: 1 June 2016