... is just beginning

Innerstand London was born out of an idea of wanting to design, innovate and inspire through designer clothing to create a wave of positive change. We are more than just clothing.

We believe every buying choice we make impacts on the world around us.

Let us throw away fast fashion!
We do not want to go on about the negatives as many of you will already know about the devastating effects fast fashion and the throwaway culture can have on our planet.

Instead, we would rather talk about why we should embrace sustainability.
The clothes you wear contain the memories of your experiences. Like, remember that time when…. and the clothes you were wearing have taken that trip too.

It is not about not being seen in it again, more like a connection with the item that is with you through the ups and downs that come your way. We think a top is more than just something that you wear on a given day, it too shares in your journey.

It has the power to bring back emotions, the ability to change emotions, and the chance to go on to create new emotions. The design can speak a thousand words, it helps express our character.

And then there are the positive environmental effects of choosing an organic item over standard cotton and choosing a company who’s philosophy is rooted in sustainable practices so we are all working toward a common goal of making the world a greener place whilst maintaining what it is we love about clothing….design and comfort!

We want to take this concept and make it a reality! So we will make the commitment to continually improve what we do and how we do it!

Starting with a sustainable and ethical supply chain. This has not been as easy to achieve as we first thought but it is reassuring when we find other companies with a shared philosophy for sustainability and ethical practices.

The materials we use for our garments are largely organic with some being made from other renewable substances. They are manufactured in factories that are members of the Fair Wear Foundation.

We have tried to ensure this sustainability trait is carried out right through our business. For example, the tissue paper we use is made from recycled material and our mailing bags are biodegradable. However, there are some instances where organic or recycled material has not been available, for example with our beanies being made from acrylic but we are dealing with Sedex members so we can ensure our suppliers practices are to our ethical standards and we are working on sourcing organic material for this.

As with all ventures, inevitably there are challenges to overcome, but with support from our customers, we can make a big impact on the fashion scene.

We love creating new design concepts that both look great as a garment but also have a deeper meaning. We share our inspiration for those interested on our "innerstand this garment" pages on our blog.

This story is just beginning… be part of it!

Like Mahatma Gandhi said - Be the change you wish to see in the world!