Meet The Models


Actor, Director, Photographer, Charity Event Planner & Model

Yes, you read that right! Malcolm, based in London, is incredibly multiskilled! He has acted alongside names as big as Morgan Freeman, as well as directing and acting in his own comedy series! He can regularly be found organising events and fundraisers with various charities across the country as well as doing the odd bit of modelling here and there. He is always a great laugh to shoot with and we expect huge things from him in the future! (oh, and by the way, yes he can play the piano!)



Designer, Accountant & Model

Jade is much more than just a pretty face, she is a full-time accountant (Yes - really!). While she isn't doing some company accounts Jade likes to help our in local charity events, and lately, has been assisting with the design of the up and coming women's collection - talk about multiskilled! Jade has also done catwalk modelling for various charitable events and is amazing at the resting b*tch face - so good in fact we have to do some crazy things to get a smile out of her!



Entrepreneur, Actor, Student, Speed Reader & Model

Jordan is the newest edition to the team and we are SO happy to have him on board! He is currently a full-time student at university and while achieving amazing grades he is also an up and coming actor (you may have seen him on Casualty). On top of that, he has started his own online business (Study Fast), teaching others how to speed read so as you can imagine, he is a busy man. We think it may be the speed reading that gives him enough time to fit everything in!



Entrepreneur, Globe Trotter & Model

Some will say Anna is "just a model" but we totally disagree! She is incredible! Anna has been able to use her stunning looks coupled with her awesome tattoos, to allow her to create the kind of life most of us dream of! As we write this she is currently in Los Angeles and has been to Germany, Spain and Portugal recently - all for photo shoots, Comicon's and just general shi*ts and giggs! Ever wondered how to travel & see the world without paying? Talk to Anna!



Multiple Business Owner, Family Man & Model

Gareth is a good friend of Malcolm's (how we found him!) and we are so happy he is! Gareth is a serial entrepreneur - owning multiple automobile businesses! Always with a new car/motorbike to play with he seems to enjoy the thrills in life! But away from these toys he also finds himself playing with little toy cars at home with the family. Talk about balance - who better to model the Yin Yang polo for the catalogue shoot?!