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We want to share thought-provoking ideas through what we create. This gives you a little insight into where our inspiration comes from, where it starts and how our ideas grow.

Our Inspiration

Inspiration comes from all around us!...

We take inspiration from ideas that are worth sharing and turn them into clothing that’s worth wearing. For example, Some of the ideas come from sacred geometry, which infiltrates our life in places we often don’t notice. We try to express the beauty of the design through our style in the clothes we produce, connecting with people in a meaningful way.

Our definition:

Inspiration also comes from how we define Innerstand, being a simple play on word with Understand insinuates a deeper appreciation for someone or something.

-       Perceive a deeper meaning behind words and statements

-       Interpret or view the world and life around us in a more meaningful and/or spiritual way than the overwhelming majority

-       To become aware of a deeper significance to the world around us

This definition is in our minds when creating new ideas for what we are trying to achieve and how we can produce a quality product.

Our Values:

  • We believe a story has the power to change the way we feel and so include them in our design process in creating messages through our clothing that is worth sharing.
  • We believe a foundation of unity among all, is the key to sustainable development of the world and we try to express that through our designs.
  • Our practices are environmentally conscious and where we can we use sustainable materials throughout our whole business.
  • Fair trade practices and ensuring our supply is chain is ethical and sustainable.
  • Charitable giving from the outset… See our supported charity and more info here. We give, it’s part of our philosophy.

Our ideas:

We get polarised by spirituality and rebelliousness! Evident from our Chakra and Mask Tees. We hope to strike the right balance between standing up for what we believe and is just, along with getting inspired to be more spiritual in nature.

To us, being spiritual is harmony and peace in how we live. That means the actions we take do not go against our human nature. Also having compassion for others and the world we live in.

When you see other people wearing an innerstand garment, you’ll know you share a trait through thought. Just like it is with bikers who nod at each other when passing on the road, have a shared passion for riding / connecting with their community. You can have an innerstand nod for connecting with others / having a shared passion for knowing you can make a difference.

To learn more about each design check out our story tab per product and the Innerstand this garment pages.