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Blog - Why it makes sense to offer free education...

Why it makes sense to offer free education...
By Nick - Co-Founder 17/12/2016 16:38 Comments

What's all this talk about free education...?


It’s time to spread the word about the fantastic courses that we offer.


Who said education and consumer products do not go?


At first, this seems an odd mix, you might even say that’s crazy. However, all you need to answer is what do online courses have to do with you? 


When we were starting Innerstand London we found expanding our skill sets hard and had to work out how to tackle many of the challenges faced when you are a small business, which forces you to become resourceful in finding out what you need to know. We did lots of research and spent a lot of time studying different courses. We learned so much from doing several courses we decided we would like to give our customers an opportunity to have this experience as well, so they can follow what they’re passionate about and go straight to the experts.


So, we approached a growing online educator to make this happen. I must explain here the main reason this makes sense for us, is because Innerstand London stands for more than just an ordinary item of clothing, we are for the visionaries. In doing so, it shows people we mean what we say when we want to help bring about positive change and offering courses is just one of the ways we’re trying to achieve this.


Our adage is ‘why understand when you can Innerstand’. To us, the word itself means to perceive a deeper meaning, interpret something in a more meaningful, spiritual way and become aware of the deeper significance of things.


A big part of our philosophy is to inspire positive change. We believe by offering courses to help you follow your passion and curiosity, is achieving the mission of personal growth which can lead to positive thoughts and actions in the world.


This helps us stand out as a brand from other clothing companies, searching deeper into how fashion impacts every action of our daily lives. Taking bold steps such as this, uniting education providers with companies that they believe in, we hope to inspire others to take chances, open doors, make a change and bring harmony to everything around them.  With our offer, we believe we are taking a small step in bringing that to life for people.


How is this relevant to you?


This is something you take advantage of for yourself! Alternatively, it’s available for you to give to someone you care about.


We know you are all different, so we wanted to be able to cover varying interests so our offer includes over 20 courses in a range of subjects to cater to as many as possible interests, passions and curiosities.


This is why we exist, not just to create great quality clothing items, but also to connect with you on a deeper level and give you an opportunity to learn things you’re interested in.


How did we choose an education provider?


We had to consider who to approach and what kind of education we wanted to offer and that would make sense with our brand.


It all starts with our customers and understanding what you like. Ultimately, we wanted to give you a range of learning opportunities to add even greater value to the clothing range.


So, a few key points we like:

  • We loved the fact that all lessons are delivered live, meaning you can ask any questions straight away during the lesson. It also allows you to make every lesson different as new developments happen out in the real world.
  • The time of day the courses are delivered. All courses run in the evening GMT, to minimise the impact on your working day.
  • The fact that we have experienced many of the courses ourselves so know first-hand the quality and the value that can be gained out of them.
  • The customer service of the education provider, from our experience, is very good. We’ve always had quick response times to questions and they have always been helpful.


Now it is down to you. We believe this has huge potential for you and could be the important step in following or developing your passion and curiosity.


You can visit their site here for more information about the education they provide.


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