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About Us

Innerstand was born from the idea that clothing should be fair to all with messages that make you think! There is far too much "fashion" which is outrageous for the sake of it. Or brands that exist just to boost people's ego. We wanted to create a brand that people can really get beind and become a part of. We will not stop at just clothing to make a difference in the world, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to bring huge value to your everyday life!

Our Mission

We are determined to bring you the newest, freshest and simplest clothing that you can find, all while maintaining a high level of ethics and low price. We are so committed to providing you with real value, even beyond clothing that will last a lifetime!
This will show up in the forms of our partnerships and how we bring you more value than any clothing company has before!
Our next offer (coming soon) will include a free online course (in a subject of your choice) worth a whopping £395 with every order!

Ethics & Sustainability

Part of the reason we founded Innerstand was because we couldn't find any clothing that is timeless, not hippy/boring and doesn't destroy lives! Surprisingly that was very hard to find.
So we decided to create it! Ensuring that our clothing is made ethically and sustainable was a huge part of developing Innerstand and it is why it took such a long time for us to launch - doing these things right takes time! We are using clothing that is mainly Organic Cotton, Tencel and Recycled Polyester - made in factories with closed-loop garment dying and that run on Sustainable Energy!
We have spent hundreds of hours researching and contacting suppliers to ensure that we bring you only the highest quality, genuinely ethical clothing. For further details tap the button below!

Clothing Certifications - GOTS - Fair Wear Foundation - OTEX 100 - Otex Blended


I – Inspire. We have been inspired by so many great people along our journey and we hope to do the same.

N – Noble. We admire each and every person who takes a stand for what is right – and our clothing is just that!

N – Naughty. Yes sometimes we do and say controversial things, but what fun is it being so politically correct?

E – Equality. We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect – treat the janitor like the CEO!

R – Respect. Respect the lives of all around us, including those who made our clothing.

S – Soul. We are a company with real soul and we hope that we have connected with yours.

T – Trust. You can trust that we have done all we can to ensure that our clothing is of the highest quality and is cruelty-free from the crop to the top!

A – Authentic. We are so open and true that sometimes it hurts us. You know what you are getting when you come to Innerstand!

N – No! Say no to the soulless trends that are destroying the planet and enslaving millions around the world.

D – Determination. We will never give up on our goal to positively impact the world and neither should you!

Our Models are More
Than a Pretty Face!

When we look for people to represent Innerstand, we look for much more than just a pretty face!
All of our models have something special about them; from owning their own businesses to acting alongside Morgan Freeman!

Meet The Models

Supported Charity

We have chosen to support charity from day one. Every purchase will help us build up our donation to our chosen charity. We have supported the Children’s Air Ambulance from the day we started trading, and will continue to do so as we believe in their mission to help save the lives of children who need it the most! As an Innerstand customer you already donate your money to them and if you would like to donate more, simply click the link below to be redirected to their website.

Our Definition